Jed Goble

Hey there Jed.  I visited your site today and I was really
impressed to see all the Jeds you have managed to find. 
Anyway, the reason I'm writing is to add myself to the list. 
Here's some info about me...

My name is Jed Goble and I've been a Jed for 18 years.

I got my name for 2 reasons.  The first is because of
mountain man Jed Smith.  Apparently another man named Samuel
Goble traveled with Jed on his trek to California.  My parents
seem to think we're related since we have the same last
name.  But since Sam is a boring name and one of my family
members already had it, Jed was given to me and it stuck.  The
other reason is because the name Jedidiah (my real name)
means "loved by God" and my parents seemed to think it
couldn't hurt if I had such a meaningful name.

Being a Jed had been hard at times, but it certainly has
advantages.  I can never find mugs are fake license plates or
keychains or other tourist items that have my name on them
because it is such an uncommon name, so they don't produce
them.  Of course there is always the bummer that people
can't pronounce it, or I end up getting called Fred or Ted or
Jeb etc.  The best advantage, however, is that I never have
need for a last name.  I've only met one other Jed in my
entire life, so I don't worry too much about getting confused
with other Jeds.  Also, introducing myself has brought on
some interesting conversations about rare names, not to
mention compliments for having such a cool name.

Well that just about sums it up for this Jed.

Jed Goble