Jed Grady

Hi, my name is Jed Grady. My name from birth and on my birth certificate is actually Jed. My parents saw that it meant "beloved of God" in a baby name book and picked it.

When I was young, I despised the idea of having such a different name, plus everyone kept calling me Jed Clampett. My older brother even composed a song for me, "O Jay-e-ed, you have a big fat head, it's fatter than your bed, O Jay-e-ed." He of course thought this was a great source of hilarity and now I too, find it funny.

One bad aspect about my name, is the people who constantly call me everything except for Jed: Jud, Jared, Jeb, etc. Another confusing thing is when people call out names, such as Jared or Chad, I always think they say Jed. On the other hand, now that I'm older (well, 16 anyway), I've decided that having such a different name is something to be celebrated, because it gives me a unique name to fit my unique personality.

I almost forgot. I'm not sure why, maybe because my name is so short, but people have this habit of adding or changing my name. They have created the following: Jedius G, Scooter Jud, Jebidiah, Jedward (like Edward), Jederick (like Frederick), and my favorite, Jedwick McGrady.

Jed Grady