Jed Haldeman
Hey.. my name's Jed too! .. ok enough of that.  I wish I had some
thrilling story to tell about my name, so I guess I'll just make some up
(interspersed with facts... appropriately labeled). 

Lets see... I was born Jedediah Thaddeus Meister Haldeman (true), by
a loving family of wolves (not true)... I didnt really appreciate my
name at first because in 1st grade, I was still learning to write my
name while the other kids were done and at recess (*sniff* true). 

Both my parents are non-religious heathens so my name has no
religious background (true). Instead I am named after the explorer of
the redwoods in California (true). My middle name is the result of my
parents' extensive LSD experimentations gone wrong. (not true). 

The only other Jeds I have met have been Brother Jed, a loud,
religious, old man who frequents college campuses with his insightful
"everyone's going to hell" advice. One day I plan to confront this guy
and suggest how we should tour the country together and spread his
doctrine (not true). 

When introduced, people have usually mistaken my name for one of, but
not limited to, the following: Jeb, Jet, Jeff, Chad, Jad, Jat, Jay,
and when I was 12, an old lady thought it was Gabe. Since then I have
learned to pronounce words very distinctly. (All of this is true). 

I harbor no ill feelings toward Buddy Ebsen or any of the creators
of "The Show" (as my therapist calls it). And I hold no ill regard
towards anyone that has sung me the theme song from "The Show", thinking
they were so witty to have though of it first. (All of this is not true). anyway. The page is great. Jeds of the World Unite! 

Jed Haldeman