Jed Harris

You already have a Jed Harris in your list, but not this Jed Harris!

I am a native Texan, but I live in Germany, where Jed is even less common. I have always gone by Jed and have heard as many comments as all of you, certainly, mostly involving Jed Clampett or mountain men. Since my Jed comes from Jedidiah, the origin is very simple with 2 Samuel 12:25. :-)

My favorite Jed story, though, is the following:

One of my mom’s friends had a son a few years younger than I was who was also called Jed. It was so rare to hear Jed that everyone was a bit confused when our families were together, but it was also kind of fun. Well, when Jed got to grad school, he happened to be starting a program for a doctorate in Art History at the University of Texas, where my high school buddy Dave was doing post-doc work. So I called Dave up and asked him to be nice and show him around a bit. He apparently got a big kick out of going around introducing Jed as ‟This is my friend Jed’s friend Jed.” 

Take care,
Jed Harris