Jed Harrison

I stumbled accross your website by typing in the name of my hard 
drive on my computer's search engine which is jed, naturally. I 
accidently searched the web instead.
I live in London and have only met one other Jed in my life. I don't 
think there are many in the U.K.
The reason that I'm called jed is, when I was nine I was starting at 
a new school. Now my first real name is William but my second name is
Jed. So when the head of our school asked us if we had any nicknames 
of second names that we were called, for some uknown reason I stuck 
my hand up and said "my second name is Jed" so she then asks me if I 
would like to be called Jed and I shrug my shoulders and say "O.K."
That's all I had to do apparently. I'm now 24 and a Graphic Designer 
and still called Jed.
Jed Harrison