jed hart 
Jed Hart
Well, actually my nickname is Jed, but for a very good reason. I was born John Edward Hart, and my grandmother took the "j" from John and the "ed" from Edward, and created Jed. I was called that as a baby, through school, and that I am a student at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX.

I may sound like a hick, but I could kick you're a--! I am a lifter on the A&M Powerlifting team, and I drive my girlfriends '77 Trams AM Bandit Edition w/ 400 Big Block in it.

Being called Jed has been awesome for me; it sets me apart and gets me recognized. Nobody forgets the name Jed! It has gotten in the way of my college acceptance, though. With my real name being John, and all my records stating Jed, there was a conflict. It seemed that Jed was going to get in, but John wasn't! I love being called Jed, I love being from Texas, and I ain't never gonna go to California!

Jed Hart