Jed Hedider

My name is Jed Hedider and I'm from Tunisia.

In the Arab language Jed means serious.

Tunisia is a little and peaceful country located in the north of Africa. 

I was born on the 18th of March 1979, in Soussa, a very  beautiful city in Tunisia. 

I'm student in computer sciences in Tunis. Next year I'll be an engineer (at least i hope it).
My name isn't very common here and  I enjoyed to find a web 
site that contains many peoples who are named Jed. 

I'm interested to be listed in your web site cause it's wonderful and great.

I will try to send you a photo of me very soon and i will also try to send my own web page if are interested but it 
will be later cause i'm very busy at this time.

Very happy new year 2002 for you jed and all the other jeds of the wolrd !!!!!

Have a good time,

Jed Hedider