Jed Henderson


My name is Jed (short for Jedaiah) Augustus Henderson. I
was born on January 1, 1979 and I currently live in
Collbran, CO. I think having the name Jed has given me many
positive and negative things. Probably my biggest annoyance is
phone calls. People call me Jay, Jeb, or absolutely crucify
Jedaiah (Jed-I-uh) if they try to pronouce it. I mean, how
many other people spell their name instead of pronouncing
it? If I get a call during the evening asking for
"cough/mumble" Henderson I tell them if they can't say it he's not
here and hang up.

One of my earliest memories of my name occured when I was
in 1st grade. I got thrown into the "slow" section in
school because I could not learn to spell my own name. To be
honest with you, I probably spelled it correctly and the
teacher thought it was incorrect.

My grandmother found the name Jedaiah in the Bible (she
told me it was in there two times). I actually kind of like
the fact that I have a rare spelling of a rare name. When
the kids in school would tease me with ". . . story 'bout a
man named Jed" I would tease them for not being able to
spell my name. As a side note --> to this day I don't take
kindly to people singing that song to me. However, I do
remember that everyone in my school thought I was the coolest
when "Return of the Jedi" came out.

My wife loves my name. She thinks it is a strong "manly"
name. She is probably the only person I have ever heard
this from, but I won't let that detract from the compliment.

That's all!

Jedaiah Henderson