Jed Higgins

My name is Jeremy Higgins, aka JED and this website cost me a case of
beer!!! Hears how:

When I was an intern at my work, they called me Jeremy.  One day a co-worker
had a few beers at lunch, when he came back to the office, he called me
Jedidiah. Everyone thought it was funny so it stuck around for a few weeks.
After they stopped getting a rise out of me it was modified to Jedidiah the
Massaih.  That was even better because I actually preferred that name at
work.  After awhile it was shortened to Jed and stuck with me ever since.

One day after we hired an intern, he asked me why they call me Jed. 
I forgot how it came about, after much debate the story unfolded.  I
questioned the name Jed, so a coworker bet me that there was a  So
I took that bet.  What are the chances  of a 

Not only was there a, it is a site about guys, named Jed. Unbelievable!

To this day I am still teased about it.  I'm 24 now. I've been called Jed for almost 4 years
now(wouldn't have it any other way), and the name has become
legendary.  I hope I did all you real Jed's proud!!!  I dedicate this to DSC!

Thanks for the opportunity to add my name to the site.

Oh by the way, I guess if I'm on the site now, I should pay up my
case of beer!!!

Jed Higgins