jed hodges
Jed Hodges
Hello all at
Like most other people I found this site by accident and it's a brill site!
The majority of your Jeds seem to be in the USA so I thought you might like to meet a little Jed from England.
Jed Hodges is too young to write this so this is his Mum to tell you all about him.
Jed was born in November 2002 and named Jed because it was a straightforward, no nonsense name which couldn't be messed around with.  Most people just don't get it though.  Jed has already been called Jade, Jead (?) and Judd!  When I tell anybody Jed's name, the response is always, "Just Jed?"  Yes, it's just Jed!
Jed attends playgroup and has one older brother and one younger brother.  Jed is a sweet natured boy who will, I am sure, grow up to be yet another Jed we can all be proud of.


I just wanted to add that his middle name is Isaac (therefore "Jed I") and even the midwife asked if we were Star Wars fans!  The answer to that is a definite no.