jed holland 
Jed Holland
My name is Jedidiah Holland. I was born July 27, 1993 in Tucson Arizona. I am 12 years old. My buddy Zach called me one night and told me he was online on night and typed in, and up podded this site. I didn't believe him, guess I was wrong lol.
I got my name because my parents did not want me to have a common name, I'm not too crazy about it. My mom found out that my name is in the bible though, that's pretty cool. My biggest thing is how much trouble people have saying my name, I mean come on people sound it out. that what your always telling us kids.
I just preferr to be called Jed. My mom calls me Jedi, she was a star wars fan as a kid. I just wanna say this is a way cool site and ROCK ON JEDS!!!!

Jed Holland