Jed Hunsaker

Apparently, my mom named me after some kid she knew in elementary school. She says there was no connection with the guy or anything, but that she just thought his name was cool.

In my case, I don't have the name Jedediah or anything like that. It's just Jed... and I like it that way. I'm usually the only Jed in the building. There are, however, some problems with the name. First off, nobody seems to guess the spelling correctly the first time. And like most other names, there are a few sound-alikes that make me turn my head. Jen and Jeff seem to be the only names that come to mind at the time.

As for what I do, I've partnered with my cousin Jill in establishing, LLC, 
which [owns/will own]subsidiary companies that sell various lines of products. I do everything technical within the company (i.e. Web Development/Design,etc.).

So that's my deal! I love web-page design and everything else I can craft with my favorite package, the 
CorelDRAW Suite, particularly Corel PHOTO-PAINT. I do, however, use most of the programs in the package. Just don't get me started. I'll rave about the features forever.

I guess that's all I have to say for now. Exciting, eh?

Keep it real,

Jed Hunsaker