jed jellison 
Jed Jellison
I was born on Jan 27, 1963 in Santa Cruz Ca., and have lived here my whole life. My mother gave birth to me in the hallway of the hospital unattended, so they only charged her half price, she always called me her 'Bargain Baby!' I am often asked if my name is short for anything( Jethro, Jeddidiha, etc.) but its not. Just Jed. I enjoy fishing and camping and cooking with my two sons.

I have only met a couple of other Jed's in person. One was at a treatment plant where I was working as an electrician, and I made a point to say 'Hi' to Jed every day. The other was in a restaurant. The table next to ours started singing 'Happy Birthday to Jed!' we ended up buying each other a drink. All my other siblings have normal and typical names,( Dan, Debra, Sue) but I like mine the most! I think I'm going to keep it. Thanks for the special webpage dedicated for me.

Jed Jellison.