Jed Johnson


My name is Jed Johnson (about the 5th one from the look of things). 

I live in Denver, Colorado and sell aircraft for a living.  I have been involved in
aviation since I got out of college.  I spent four years as Chief
Pilot for a Swiss aircraft manufacturer before getting into sales.

I get the usual Jed references, Clampet etc.  Most of the time people think
it's Jud or Jeb or in my case they think my name is Jet (likeTravolta's kid). 

Once they get it, it usually sticks as I'm sure you've found.

I definitely like the unique aspect of the name.  I got the name based on a
Senator my Mom read about in the paper.  She and my Father both started out
as school teachers and every name they came up with, besides Jed, reminded
them of one of their former students.

Jed Johnson

Aviation Sales, Inc.
303-799-9999 x305