jed johnson 
Jed Johnson

WOW awesome to see that I’m not alone in this big world with being called Jed and all. I’ve yet to actually meet someone face to face with the same name but obviously it’s just a matter of time. I’m pretty sure my dad named me after Uncle Jed of the Hillbillies being it was “the’ show in the late 60’s (born in 69) and I know he liked the name because it was unique and simple. Grew up on a cattle ranch here in Canada, riding horses, wearin chaps, boots and spurs so having the name sort of fit the lifestyle we had too. One of the perks to being called Jed for me at least is that everyone seems to remember your name….. or maybe its just because of my fine tuned personality… good looks…. or all of the above. I’m not sure which it is. And finally if you are thinking of a great name to call your new son…..”Jed” is a great choice. Ya you can name him after me if you want eh!

Jed Johnson (36)

B.C., Canada