Jed Kasey
Hey Jed's!  My name is Jed Kasey and I have to say I love being a Jed. 

My name is unique because most Kasey's you find are spelled with a "c"
instead of  "K"  Thats because were a non-catholic Irish family that left
Ireland and changed the first letters of our last names to
show that we're christian.  (did you get all that?) 

So anyway I got my name from the bible I'm told. 

Though I get asked often if my parents were fans of the beverly hillbillies.  Since I have had this great name people have referred to me as "The Jed" ,"notorious J.E.D", puff jeddy , etc . 

And a friend of mine is actually making jed t-shirts.  All of this because of my
name.  A name like Jed can get you far in life .  (Great Website!)

Jed Kasey