Jed Kauppila

Hi. My Name is Jedidiah Kauppila. I dont really have a story behind my name. My parents named all of their kids based on names in the bible, and I got stuck with Jedidiah. Nobody liked to call me Jedidiah (you know, its kinda a long name to shout after a hyperactive child) so everyone just took the calling me Jed. Its funny, though, hardly anybody spells my name right and most can't even say it right! I am constantly called Jediah, Jedidah, or the worst butchering of my name, Jeda. The origin of the Jedidiah is the Hebrew name Jedediah, which I believe comes from the city Of Jeddah (or Yeddah). anyway, sorry for the history.  I came across the site and thought it was very interesting. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, from one Jed to another,
Jedidiah Kauppila