Jed Kempf

Hey Jed, I recently discovered your fantastic website and as a fellow Jed I would love to be a part of what you are doing for Jeds all over the world. Unlike you I was born a Jed it is my proud name and my only name. Yes it has caused things such as 'Jederina the dancing ballerina' and Jedmus which my girlfriend currently calls me. but otherwise life is pretty good as a jed... takes quite a few shouts of my name in loud places till they recognise my utterings, i mean the one syllable word, that is my name, jed... i started a religion of jedisim, it didnt really take off at all but at least i tried! i definatly got the whole star wars thing, that got old really fast! i live in the backarse of ireland and coincidently just a few km away from another jed, who we argue is jed1 and jed2... I AM JED1
 well i hope this is sufficiant i look forward to seeing my page..
yours jedly,
jed kempf