Jed Kennan
My name is Jedidiah Lee Kennan.  I learned that Jedidiah was my full
first name in second grade, prior to that I thought that everybody
that called me Jedidiah was just attempting to joke.  Coincidently, I
learned to spell Jedidiah in the third grade.  My grandmother called
me Jed Lee because Jed was just too short, and Jedidiah was just too
There were very few kids that made fun of my name outside of the
usual Return of the Jedi comments; however, my cousin (that bastard)
came up with a good one -- Jedidiah-rhea. 
Jed has always been a cool name.  Clint Eastwood's character in Hang
'em High Jed because somebody recognized just how cool a name like
Jed is.  Although I like the name, it seems that even people I did
not know would say they knew me.
Three letter nicknames are too short for a lot of people so they give
me longer names, similar to my grandmother.  I work as a fire fighter
in McAllen, TX, and my work name is Young Jedi.  I also play rugby
for the McAllen Knights and my playing name is Jedi.  As president of
the fire academy my name was Jugs:  I have no explanation for that
This web site is very unique, and if not for Faryde (another unique
name), I would have had no idea. 

Jed Kennan