Jed Kimm


My name is Jed Kimm.  At first glance at my name people usually think I am
Chinese.  Actually my last name is of German descent.  However, my fathers
mother was polish so I am 1/4 pollock.  Imagine..... "Jed the pollock"! 

Well, I am 25 years old and I just graduated from Ball StateUniversity 
(Dave Letterman's alma mater) in Muncie, Indiana where I was a member of the 
diving team for four years.  
As for Jed's that I have met.... One before running into this site. I discovered this site
because of a news story I heard on ZDTV that all the 3-letter domain names were now taken. 

I thought to myself, What does the site JED.COM have on it and here I am.   

Jed Kimm
Software Engineer I
IT Applications
Covance CLS - Indianapolis