Jed Kornbluh

Hey Jed,

I'm Jed Kornbluh from Philadelphia, PA. I'm a senior history student at Temple 
University studying American/Euro relations in post-Cold War Eastern Europe.
I'm also an avid cyclist and track racer.

The name: My mother's best friend from college had the initials J. E. D., so
naturally everyone called her Jed, and thus my name was created. And since then 
I've been correcting people, for example, "No, not Jeb ... it's Jed," or, 
"J-E-D, you know, like the Hillbilly?" 

Working as a bike messenger in Philly for fours years people came to know me
as the Hillbilly, which later developed into Inbred Jed (named after a
Philly area band), which stuck. So that's me, just another Jed. 

By the Way, this site is great!

-jed kornbluh