jed kraszpulski
Jed Kraszpulski

Hello, my name is Jedrzej Kraszpulski. People seem to be unable to pronounce my real name, so they just call me Jed. I like death metal, like System Of A Down. I am 19 years old, and I'm an ex-World Of Warcraft victim. My favorite color is black, and I love tetris. I am at RIT studying Computer Science (Stuff). If i had to choose between jumping in a pool of razors, having lawn darts thrown at me after being duct taped to the wall, or having professional skateboarders land all those cool tricks on my ribs, I would probably have to go with the lawn darts.

Nevertheless, I am from poland where Jedrzej is a common name. Here at RIT, I love it when people ask me how to pronounce my name. It's quite simple, if you're polish of course. I love the skewed faces that I get, when I tell them my whole name. There is this one jerk on my floor, that keeps asking me to repeat my name, but he just can't seem to grasp as how to pronouce it. One advantage to having such a hard name to pronounce is that employers are discomforted with it, and sometimes that gives me a leading edge.

Thanks a lot!
-Jed Kraszpulski