Jed La Lumiere

Calling all Jeds! 
Hi there all as you are well aware, I am yet another gifted person in this world, I am a Jed too! I have read a number of the other Jed profiles. I am convinced along with the name Jed, whether born or acquired, we are truly gifted individuals.

Along with a swell name I have read we are very much alike in a lot of positive ways.  I wonder the X-files…..the
Jed-files…. Perhaps we can all get together and take over the world and soon the world populous will recognize these as interchangeable. Armageddon is really pronounced Arma-Jeddon it is a soft “g” sound (HA HA). I have been through all of the names that you all have been through.  However the most common one that comes on my mail is Judd, Jen, and Jeb. 

How I can to be a Jed.  Well my full name is Jed (just Jed) Joseph La Lumiere. I am 22 and was born in a small town in Connecticut. I am currently a computer technologist and aspiring actor/model. When I was born I was told my mother and I had a hard time at birth. After my mother and I were in the clear, my father and mother where fighting over what to name me.  (To this day they are both still a little slow in getting things done.)   My mother wanted to name me Lucas Lee La Lumiere.  Thank God my father said no.  I LOVE YOU DAD.  In turn I became the Jed I am today. 

I love my name. Although as all of you know we must be clear when saying it so we do not become Jeff, Joe, John, Jet, Jen, Judd, Jeb and the list goes on.  My name is interesting.  When placed into meaning my full name means “Beloved of the Lord whom is strong in the light”.   Pretty Cool huh! 

As I digress, When I was 18, and at the time living in Miami, I was online and ran into another Jed who lived in Vermont. The first time in my life I met another person with my name. Jed and I became friends and in time we became close. I moved back up to Connecticut, and one weekend set out to meet my counter Jed in Vermont. From that point on we were the best of friends. Jed and Jed, AKA JED SQUARED to our friends. In 1999 Jed was killed in a car accident the dynamic duo was no longer.  I will miss him greatly and he will be loved forever to all who knew him.  Although the rest of the wonderful Jeds from this site will never experience the wisdom of Jedidiah Paul Zabroski, I assure you he withheld our wonderful name to perfection and all of you would have been proud to call him a friend. I would like to dedicate my induction to the JED WEB OF FAME to Jedidiah Paul Zabroski. Friends forever. 

Well I guess that is all. 
Thank you for listening. 
Cheers and be well take care and drive safe. 

Jed La Lumiere 

E mail if you can