Jed Ledesma

My full name's Joshua Edward Ledesma. My parent's told me they got it from the bible. Anyway, if you get the "J" from Joshua and "ed", you can form the name, Jed, which is my nickname. I think that having Jed as a name or nickname is pretty cool. Sure, there are probably a couple of Jed's in school. But I rarely get confused nowadays.

Ever since I started goofing around a little bit more than usual, I've been checking different sites until I arrived at "". I was shocked "way beyond words". This website was one of coolest that I have actually seen! (No biases even if I'm a Jed) I mean, the pioneer of this website must have been a genius (I think he is) to make something as unique as this site. Thanks anyway for checking it out. I appreciate your effort to read something made by a 14-year old.
Jed (Ledesma)