Jed Lengel
My full name is Jerome K. Lengel. When transfered to another school
in sixth grade  there were now three Jerrys in this small class of 22.

There was a Jeremiah who was called Jere, a Gerald who was called Jerry and 
now me who was called Jerry.
Needless to say this was confusing when the name Jerry was called out. Something had to be done.

So, the one named Gerald who had skipped 2 grades was shorter than
the rest of us he got the name of Shorty. Jeremiah retained the name Jere. 

My mother started calling me JED and the rest is history. I've been Jed ever since and the 
only Jed that surfaced afterwards was Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hill Billies. I am 69 today so
you know how long I've had this name.
It was only in the last 10 years that I have seen the name surfaced------such as JED Duval
the TV broadcaster and a few others from some schools that I know.

Since the name was so unusual no one ever said "Jed who"  when I
would call someone on the phone. I was the only Jed they knew.  I liked my
name since I felt I was almost one of a kind. I'm glad to see it is
gaining in popularity. Thanks for alowing me to be part of your website.

Keep up the good work.

Jerome "JED' Lengel