Jed Levin

My name is Jed Levin, born December, 1983 in Denver, Colorado. 

I have met a total of 3 other Jeds.  Nearly everyone I introduce myself to
asks "is that short for something?", to which the response is always
"Nope, just Jed."  In fact, as I was growing up, my parents nicknamed
me "Just Jed" to clarify.  However, since the Star Wars movies, my
nickname has changed to "Jedi" (hence the screenname "jedixi" meaning
jedi XI, or jedi eleven, or Jedi Levin). 

I've long loved my name, mostly for its brevity, but also for its uniqueness.  What I find most
interesting is the seemingly international nature of the name.
Reading about Jeds from England truly makes me happy.   I currently
attend college in Claremont, California. And that's about it.

---Jed Levin---