Jed O. Levine

Hey, so here's yet another Jed Levine. I found your webpage a few years ago, but it wasn't until some friends pressured me that I decided to post some stuff about me and how great it is to be a Jed.
I was born and raised in San Francisco and am now a student at UCLA majoring in International Development Studies. I hope to go into international relief work someday.
My name is shortened from Jedediah, but I've been called everything from Jeddy, to Joddles (and Jedmundo, Jedster, Jeders, Jeddy-by-Freddie, Jeddi, J-Dawg etc).
Growing up, there were very few pop-culture references to make me feel positive about having a unique name. My favorite was a song my parents used to sing to me as a kid. It went:
Mee oh, mi oh.
Son of a gun
Gunna have some fun
On the bayou
That's all I can remember of it.
Since coming here to UCLA (a school of 36,000) I've truly come to understand how great it is to have such a unique name. With all the Marks, Mikes, Justins and Stevens to come out of the early 80's, being a Jed can make things a lot easier.
Cheers to all the Jeds out there.
Much love,
Jed O. Levine