Jed Lin

Dear Jed:
My parents derived my name from the Bible, rather than from Jed
Clampett.  I am glad that they were creative enough to name me Jed, as I am rarely
confused with other Jeds.  I am proud to be a Jed, and I wouldn't change my
name for the world.

Sometimes people will inadvertently call me Jeff, which oddly enough
happens to be my younger brother's name.  I have also been called Jared,
Jedi, Jeb, Jethro, Jedidiah, Jeb, and Jedster.  My family members usually refer
to me as Jeddy, which I don't mind.
When people ask me if Jed is short for something else, I usually tell
them either Jeeeeeeeeeeed or SuperJed.  I certainly don't want them
calling me Jedidiah for the rest of my life!

I live near Seattle, Washington, and one of my favorite movies is Dumb and
Dumber.  I am no taller than 5'6", mainly because I am afraid of heights.

I'm a big outdoors nut, and I sometimes like to pretend to be the
great mountain man, Jedidiah Smith.  In my spare time, I enjoy fine dining,
theatre, traveling, boating, mountain biking, snowmobiling, skiing, hiking,
camping, fishing, and anything mountain man related, of course!

One day, not long from now, the Jeds shall arise and rule the world! 

What an awesome name we share!
Best regards,
Jed Lin