Jed Loftis

Dear Jed,

Well as you can see, I am another Jed. There aren't a lot of us out there, 
but that makes us all the more unique. I really don't need a last name, because as 
soon as they hear Jed, everyone knows who it is. I am 19 year College Freshman, I am studying
Business Law. I play rugby, I'm 6'00 180lbs. I am german/ korean. 

I think that I got my name from my father ( of course, the American one) he was in the
Army at the time and he had a really good friend that was named Jed. So I guess they 
made apact or something and soon as a boy popped out, I was the one to get
the name Jed.

I guess thats the way I got my name. But Yeah I think its a great
name, everyone remembers you, and you really never get mixed up with anyone else. 

I have a site at:

It was something that I had to make  for computer class, I will be adding stuff to it when the break is over and if 
you want I can add a link to your site from mine. 

Well not much else to talk about, except I hate when people bring up that stupid song, the Beverly Hill Billies. 

Oh well. 

Jed Loftis