Jed Magsayo
Hello Jed's,
Hi. I'm Jed Magsayo ( Jed Rickland Magsayo) , 25 years old, Recently got married.
I'm a filipino male nurse by profession and proud to be "a JED".
My interests would particularly be with MUSIC ( I sing, dance, compose songs,
play instruments, theatre perform and many more) and SPORTS ( swimming, soccer, taekwondo )
Same with the others, I got this site by "browsing" curiously since I felt egoistically proud to myself that the JED does exist.
I got pictures on with my email you could view me there and hopefully
invite me if you got one. As Jed Gillin asks.."support the site"
THANKS and be proud 'cause we are strong.. we're " JEDI's" 
take care..

Jed Magsayo