jed mahrle
Jed Mahrle
Hello Jed,

My name is not 'Jed', but my son's is. His full name is Jedediah Dale
Mahrle and he is three years old (last Friday). The 'Dale'
is after my dad. At first my family didn't like his name at all--especially my
grandma and my dad who thought it sounded too "hillbilly". But I think
it has grown on everyone.

His cousins call him 'Jedi'. My wife hadsaved the name since she
was a teenager--she had heard it in her bible class.

We both thought 'Jedediah Mahrle' sounded very strong. He has a
sister named Lucy, who is one year, one month and one day older than he,
and calls him 'Jib' or 'Jeb'. We took them to Disney World last week,
where we met a waitress who's boyfriend is named 'Jedidiah'
and who told us about your website.

Attached is a picture of him in Disney World--he is pretty
tough.(That's Lucy behind him.)

Scott Mahrle
Oakland Twp., Michigan