Jed Mallen

Well, my fullname is John EDward R. Mallen, and that's where my parents got my nickname from. They got my full name from the Kennedy brothers because my dad likes them.
I'm a Filipino, I was born and raised in the Philippines. Im currently 29 years old.
I'm on my internship year on my way to become an MD. I'd like to go into surgery after medschool.
I'm obsessed with computers and programming. I'm a full-time linux/unix user since 1994.
Here's a little anecdote about my name:
Once, in highschool, I had a classmate who has the name of John Edward too. He was called by everyone as Edward. When he met me and said we had the same name, I insisted that my real name is Jed Mallen and John Edward Mallen is just a formality. He was dumbfounded. After a month I heard someone calling out "Jed." I look around and I saw Edward being called Jed by his friends. I wanted to confront him because I love my nick name too much. But then I just smiled and thought how cool it is to have this name that people try to emulate it even if it's not really theirs. :)
Best regards,
Jed R. Mallen