Jed Martin

Hello.  As you have probably guessed, my name is Jed.  Actually, it's Jedidiah, but the only few people
who call me that are my sister, my aunt, and MAYBE one of my more distant relatives.  My full name is
Jedidiah Curtis Martin.  My middle name is from my mom's dad, my grandfather, Curtis Brown.  

My name originally came from, with no kidding, the Beverly Hillbillie's.  My dad had always like the name Jed,
but with the strong tradition in my family, the first born son is always supposed to be a junior.  So, my
brother is James Scott Martin, Jr.  But my dad never forgot the name.  He later learned that it can be
short for Jedidiah, or Jedediah.  He seemed to likethe Jedidiah spelling better.  And, with him being a
pretty devoted methodist, on October 10, 1984, at 6:24 A.M., Jedidiah Curtis Martin was born is St. Albans,

I am now 17 years old, and I reside in Burlington, Vermont.  I live with my dad and brother,
although I have an older sister, and a younger brother and sister.  My most favorite pastime, without a
doubt, is being the drummer of the punk band I am in, which is called "Agent Suicide."  We have a website,
which can be reached a  It is a completely random name, however.    

With my name, people always make one of two jokes/connections: they call me "Return of the
'Jed'i", or they call me Clampett.  When people ask the origin of my name, and I tell hem that it came
from the television show, the Beverly Hillbillies, they first chuckle, then ask, "Really???  That's really cool..."  

Well, as I said before, my name is Jed, and i just want to say, that I hope you can find room in your website to add me in as a member.  

Thank you for your time.
--Yours truly,

Jed Martin