Jed McAlpine

Hi!  My name is baby Jed Charles McAlpine.  I live in Canada's capital city Ottawa, Ontario. 

I was born November 12, 2001.  My parents found the name Jed in a baby book 
and thought it was really cool and both liked it and agreed on it unlike some other names they were 
considering.  Mommy knew a Jed in university and thought it was an original and hip name. 
There is also a Jed on our national news. 

It took my folks a while to decide on my name for sure, though, because they were concerned about 
how people would react to it.  The first person they told about it said are you serious? and
the next screamed out Jed Clampett, another said that was their dog's name.

But they believed in the innate coolness of the name and wanted a unique name for me to grow up with.

It's funny, my mommy was worried about the name and wondered if they did the right
thing about a week after I was born.  Well, there was a Clint Eastwood
movie marathon on tv and we watched a lot of the movies together, one of which was
Hang Em High.  When they realized the Clint's character was a Jed and they
saw this great name emblazened on his horses' saddle, they were sure they did the right thing!

Mom and dad have had a lot of people compliment them on the choice of the
name and many ask where they found it.  They are proud to have a son named Jed!

Hi to all my fellow Jeds out there, especially the ones in Pampers like me!

Keep up the good work.

Yours in Jedness,

Jed McAlpine

Jed McAlpine