Jed McGilvray
Hi Jed,
My name is Jed Samuel Seven McGilvray and my daddy is writing this as I'm only 6 weeks old.

I was born on the 24th October 2001 at Nepean Hospital in Penrith, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

My dads name is Richard, my mum is Shannon, my sister who is 6 is Amy and my brother who is 3 is Bailey.

I am already smiling and giving my family lots of enjoyment. I can't wait till next year when I can lay on the lounge 
with Dad and watch the Chicago Cubs finally make it. Dad thinks I am the luck they have always needed.

Dad always loved my name and was the only option that Mum had if I was a boy. She loves it to now but she 
always thought Dad was joking. Seven comes from our favorite TV show, Seinfeld. In one episode George Costanza
has some friends having a baby and can't think of a name. George loves seven as it was Mickey Mantle's number and his friends decide to use it much to Georges disgust because he wants to keep it for himself! 

One day Mum and Dad could not agree on something so Dad told Mum she could have it ONLY if she agreed to 
Jed and Seven.

Now everyone reckons I look like a Jed and Mum even found a Jed certificate to frame for my room.

Any how I think I need my nappy changed so I hope to hear from you soon.

Jed S S.