Jed Meeks

My name is Jed Meeks.  I live in Tennessee. I have been known to wear shoes on occasion.

My name is another of the famous "combo" Jed scenarios.  My father goes by "Jerry" and my grandfather's name is "Ed". 

Go figure.  I thought I was a bit  unique until I came to this website. 

However, the internet was not around whenI was born so I am sure my parents didn't plagiarize.

I have been pounded sincebirth about having forty million dollars and swimming in the cement pond.  Ha Ha,
Not.  I did love the show though.  -- I don't live in a shack or a mansion. 

I work forFedEx.  I am an analyst and I have yet to use a "guzenta" even once.  I do have a
"Granny" who is 96 years young!  She prefers to be called DeeDee. I stumbled on
this site looking for a unique domain for a website.  I guess having original ideas
is not my strong suit. I have heard fleeting rumors about people named Jed in my life. 

I have actually met only one other.  The weird thing was his mom had the same name as my sister! 

Can you say "alternate universe"? --

Having the name was a drag during my early school years.  Then as the classmates
matured it gotbetter.  I do get an occasional redneck who still thinks it is funny. Really funny. 
I actually like the name now.  It seems to be a good Southern name with a hint of strong values and a
good sense of humor.  I would like to consider myself in that category. 

So, THANKS Mom & Dad for the honor. 
I'll try to do you proud whenever I can. 

There would have been a Jed II but I decided my son should have his own name battles to fight.  Unique only to him. A fresh start. No mistaking, he is a Meeks. By the way, is also taken.(my son) Stupid internet.

Talents and hobbies I attribute to my Jedness:  Tractor driving, hunting, fishing,
I like bar-b-que and Catfish, I own a shotgun.  I drive a pickup truck.  (I have never had a couch tied to the back. It looks like fun though. )     :-)

To my fellow Jed's: Two roads diverged into a wood.  And I, I took the one less
traveled by,  and that has made all the difference.  (try it and get your Jeep stuck like I did - many times)

My biggest joys in life have come from my wife and kids.  They teach me that life can begin again.  Everyday.  When I get to look into their eyes and hear their laughter I can only say... I am so lucky!  Thank you God for letting me be THIS Jed!

My plans were pushed aside only to bring me to something greater. Your plan.
Full circle, I get it now.
Jed Meeks
PS: Thanks Mr Jed Gillin for providing us this venue. It's COOL