Jed Miller


Jeds are great.  I like Jeds.  In addition to Tennessee Jed and Jed Clampett, I've been called Jethro Tull, Jedward, Jedween, Jeddus, Jedmund, Jeddikins, Jeddifer and of course the hated "Jedster."  I hate that. 

I was named just Jed, no Jedidiah or George Edward or John Edward.  I guess they can come in.  I mean, if you say so.  But I always ask people if  they're "True Jeds."  I've only ever met about 10 other Jeds. 

I input "Jed" on a Hawaiian translation website and got the name MEAHEEWAHEEWAOKAHAKU -- which my part-Hawaiian friend says is probably an exact translation of the meaning of
Jedidiah, which I think is "beloved of the Lord," yes? 

In John LeCarre's "The Night Manager," the femme fatale is named Jed.  And there's a Jed in Dr. Seuss's "The Sleep Book." 

Well, there are lots of Jeds.  Thanks for collecting them. 

Jed Miller