Jed Miller 3

Hello fellow Jeds,

I see that there is already a Jed B. Miller so I will further
distinguish myself as Jed Bailey Miller.  Like many Jeds, my name is not short for anything like Jedediah for instance.  Truly, it is somewhat annoying to be referred to as "the Jedster" or even worse the dreaded "Jedsy".

I enjoy having my name as much as all of the other Jeds I am sure.  It is always an intriguing topic of conversation.

Currently, I am in the process of launching a career in Web
Development. My background is Audio/Visual production and moving to the web seems to be a somewhat natural progression.

It is always nice running into another fellow Jed.  It is almost like a family reunion of sorts.  Great job with the web site and I wish all of my fellow Jeds a good life.

Jed Bailey Miller