Jed Miller

I spent a few minutes at your site.  Looks good.  I came across it
when trying to reserve a DNS and of course my name is Jed so I first
checked that one out.  I am a natural Jed.  Actually Lewis Jed
Miller, but was always called Jed.  My grand father was named Lewis,
but Jed was just a name my family picked.  As a kid my most used nick
name was Moke.  That seems long forgotten now.
I  have a website at Uncle Jed was certainly the
most calm individual I have seen portrayed on the screen.  None of
the cowboy stars with bigger names were as cool headed as Uncle Jed
and I doubt any of them could have whipped Ellie Mae either.  Then
take into consideration Jededdiah Smith.  Mauled by a bear and cool
headed enough to direct his buddies on how to sew his ear back on. 
Cool headed indeed.
Well anyway Jed is the only name.  I always kid people when they call
me Ted, Ned, Ed, etc....I say...three damn letters and you still
can't get it right.
Take care
Jed Miller