Jed Miracle


My name is Jed Miracle. Unlike most of the other Jeds I have
had to do double duty explaining my name as Miracle is more unusual
than Jed. But at least people do seem to remember my name.

As a kid I hated being called Ted. The worst and most frequent
abuse was with Jud. Although being a Star Wars fan as a kid being
called "Jedi" seemed pretty cool at the time. To this day when I making
reservations or ordering food I leave a fake name like "Mike" as it is
much easier than correcting someone 3 or 4 times.

The other day I was in the park and heard someone screaming the
name "JED!". I turned around to see who it was, and all I saw was a dog
running away with his owner chasing him. Turns out the dog was named
Jed, so at least the name is spreading a little. This by the way is the
only other Jed I have met. 

The site looks great and I will spread the word that Jed's

Jed Miracle