Jed Mitchell

My name is Jedidiah Mitchell, and I too, am a Jed.  I've been Jed for about as long as I've been around (about 17 years), though recently people have been calling me 'Jedi' more and more often.

At first I didn't like my name, but as I've grown older, I've begun to appreciate being a Jed more and more.  And besides, like many of you probably know, the chicks dig the name Jed.  So to those fledgling Jeds out there, don't worry about being different.  You might not like it when people mispronounce your name all the time, but the longer you're a Jed, the more you'll grow to love it.

I think I'll follow the tradition of many others on this site and give you a brief description of myself.  I play Hockey and Ultimate Frisbee, I'm a comic artist, I am currently taking/am a teacher's assistant for a series of 3D animation + web multimedia classes at my nearby University of Massachusetts Amherst, and I build web sites for both fun and profit.  

Oddly enough, I've noticed that a whole lot of other Jeds on this site do similar things with their time.  I guess people with a great name think alike.

Many thanks to Jed Gillin for putting this together, and for the many other Jeds that make this place what it is.

Jed Mitchell