Jed Mitchell

My name is Jed Mitchell also as I can see another one at

Being a Jed is GREAT!
Growing up I wasnt too aware of how different my name was, but as I got
older I realised that everyone seem to have the same old
names...john, steve, dave, luke etc..not sayin there badd..

Our mums or dads gave us the name Jed because were special and do not
deserve the ordinary name. :D

Isn't it funny how happy we get when we meet another Jed?!
lol it's like I wonder if that Jed thinks like me..I've met 3 jeds in my life

And girls really do love the name Jed ive lost count of the times a girls
said "Jed?..... thats a nice name" followed by a smile. ;)

Jeddy,Jedi,Jedaleno(mafiatwist),Jedly,Jeddykins(grr)Jeddypo ive been called
them all by different people in my life.

Jed is a hebrew name and means "beloved by GoD"

So Jeds out there whever you maybe hold your heads high!
And be Glad you are Jed!
Be the best Jed!
And not an ordinary Joe lol

Cya jeds,

Jed Mitchell