jed nabaunag 
Jed Nabaunag

Hi to every Jed in the world,
 My name is Jed and my middle name is Morales. I just gt bored here in my office and try to search my name on the net, I guess Jed is a unique name and trying to find if I have similar names since I haven't met a person named Jed, I only hear Jade.
 By the way I'm from philippines too. My mother mentioned one time that Jed is an ancient instrument, but I don't know from where, but it's a flute. I'm not sure about it. I already have a wife and planning to name my son (luckily if it is a boy) Jed too.
 The meaning of the word Jed, as people mostly commented, Jed is creative, active, friendly, energetic, understanding, shy, and a bit responsible. I hope other Jeds has a little common of the description that I mentioned. And by the way, i'm a web designer too. I guess that's all for now, gonna go back to work. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to post a little of me here. More power to all Jeds in the world. "May the force be with you."

Who else?
Jed Nabaunag