Jed Nelson

Hi my name is Jed Nelson from California. 

I come from the hard streets of Laguna. I believe that i am by far thee best Jed in the world.

And of course "To be the best, you must beat the best.. whoooooooo!!!!!!" 

Lastly I'd just like to say whats up to Mike Mullen, Nick Coppage, Freddy Sales, 
Dj Sandhu, Chris Arndt, Che Fernandez, Mike Orazco, Mark Orazco, Andre Yagen,
Chris Porter, Titus Felder, Jatin Nagin, Ashley Smith, Wendy Lewis, David Dixon, 
Michael Tai, Mike Salanoa, Jamal Abusaleh, Issac Ali, Chris Daniels, Mark Magtoto, Keison Mcmurray, 
Ted Tolson, Latief Newsome, Shariff  Small.......thanks for all the support.

Jed Nelson