Jed Newirth
Hello All,
Name is Jed.   Seems to be a common name on this site.  I am a 51 year old Jed living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  I don't have any idea just how my parents chose my name; I didn't like it too much as a youngster as all the kids in school and some neighbors made fun but I'm perfectly okay with it now.  I've been in Tampa Bay since 01-84, having been born and raised in Kingston, PA.  I like it here, and there's lots for me to do.  The only real advantage to being named Jed I can think of is when a page comes over the PA system there are questions as to which Johnny or Bill or Tom or Dick it might be.  That's not the case with my name.
Anyone is welcome to contact me about anything.
Jed M. Newirth