Jed Norris


My name is Jed Norris and I am in college.  I go to Colby-Sawyer College in New
Hampshire.   I enjoy sleeping, drinking, and occasionally eating.

My friends call me The Big Show because I highly resemble The Big Show from 
the WWF.  Other names I am called are Jedowski, Jebadhia Springfield, Jeddy 
Boy, Jeddy Bear, Jeddy, Jeddy Christ Superstar, and Jedda the Hut.  I find 
most of the names to be very creative.

I enjoy playing Rugby and skiing on my spare time and I absolutely LOVE 
facial hair.  There is nothing better than a face full of fuzz!  Don't get
me wrong or anything, I love girls and all, but I just don't find anything more
manly than a big thick beard.

Thanks for making a site for such a great name!

Sincerely yours,

Jed Norris