Jed Owen


My name is Jed Owen.  There is no “s” on the last name as I am not plural.  Anyway, Jed is my given name and not short for anything.  I got the name because my father, a history teacher, was reading about the Civil War when I was born.  My parents wanted a name that could not be shortened.  I am currently 44 years old and have been both blessed and cursed with an unusual name. 


Most people, upon hearing my name, do one of two things.  They either say, “Is Jed short for something?”  To which I reply, “Yes, it is short for Ed.”  That usually brings on a quizzical look.  Or they say, “What?”  To which I reply, “Jed, like the Beverly Hillbillies.”  Most then understand but, given my age, this response is beginning to lose its historical reference.  The majority of people, however, prefer to ignore what I have told them and call me Jim, John, Tim, Tom, Ted, Ed, Jeff, and Mike (yes, I actually got called Mike by someone…perhaps that is how you spell Jed phonetically!).


The most embarrassing event surrounding my name also ties me to the Beverly Hillbillies.  Though through the years many people have referenced the show with my name (“Hey, Jed, how’s Ellie Mae?”  “You going swimming in the ceeement pond?”  Like I never heard that before!)  However, when I was in college I was standing in line with my new girlfriend at the dining facility lovingly known as Ma Pickard’s to those on campus.  As about 200 of us stood waiting for the lines to open, an entire fraternity turned to me in unison and sang the ENTIRE theme from the show while facing me.  Given that there were only about 1100 students at the school and I, of course, was the only Jed, it was clear at whom the song was directed.  I took it in good humor but I am sure I was as red as a lobster.


I have actually met only 2 other Jed’s in my life although with the advent of the computer I am surprised at how many of us there are.


I have been racing road bicycles for about 15 years and have had some success in local races.  Additionally I started downhill ski racing this past winter.  I follow Formula 1 and Indy car racing as well as build plastic models of historic races.  I am a sales manager for a building products distributor and hold a Master’s degree from the University of Notre Dame in Administration.



Jed Owen