jed p
Jed P.

My name is Jed, too. My mom doesn't want you to use my
last I'm a kid and she doesn't want it all over the
internet, so I guess I'm Jed P. if that's okay.

I love the website. It is so cool to see other people named
Jed. My full name is Jedidiah, and nobody has it where I live but me. I
am eleven years old and I'm in sixth grade. I live in Pennsylvania.

My mom named me "Jedidiah" because she worked in a T-shirt shop in
Atlantic City in 1988. At the shop she personalized T-shirts with
lettering. The shop had the different lettering styles on a sample
board. You guessed it, Jedidiah was one of the lettering samples.

My mom always says she waited seven years to have a son just to name
him Jed. Everyone thought she was crazy. My dad even thought she was
going to name me after him-Chuck! No way! She loved the name Jed and that was that.

I like my name a lot. Everyone knows me. My mom jokes that it's kind
of cool to be in the ranks of Cher or Madonna, but a guy. I started
acting in our community theatre this past year, who knows,someday I may be as famous as those ladies!

Being Jed is cool. I don't get jokes about the Beverly Hillbillies
because my friends don't know who they are. I hope you don't mind the
picture is of me with my mom. We hang out together and she's pretty cool
for a mom. You can cut her off if you want to use the picture of me
only. But since she gave me the gift of Jed, you can leave her on it.

Your friend, Jed P.