Jed Papa

Dear Jed,

Hi, my name is Jedycel Papa but everybody calls me as Jed.  I was
surprised on how many Jed's there are.  I always thought that I might
be the only one.  I realizes as I read some the letters, that there
is no female Jed on your list.  That's why I'm here to tell everybody
that I'm a Jed too.

I'm 18 year old  freshman college student, majoring in Psychology
here in Chicago.  My nationality is Filipino but my whole family
moved here four years ago.  I must tell you that the only person I
know with name Jed is my younger cousin.  We also have the same last
name that's why some thinks we're brothers and sisters.

My parents didn't tell me where did they got my name.  They just
told me that I was supposed to be Jecel but they decided to add the
dy for it to sound better.

I am so happy to see all the Jed's come together in one website. 
I will be glad if somebody would want to be friends with me thru this

Thanks a lot and more power.
Jed Papa