jed pauker

Jed Pauker

    Look - it's a website!  Now I can let go of this nagging grudge.  You took a mere month before I thought to register it, way back in 1997.
    You did a good thing with it.  I see that you've changed gears and hosts,
    and that the site gets more interesting as one browses through it.
    Really very fine!

    Here's my histoire du nom:  named Jethro at birth (after Moses's
    father-in-law, or more likely after a character, Jethro Somes, in one of my
    father's writings - note the anagram on Moses).  Dad usually called me
    Jethro; everyone else has called me Jed (except when particularly angry)
    since I can remember.  My college film professor couldn't resist
    "Jedediah."  If you don't mind, let's not even mention the other one.

    A younger brother of a junior high school friend, way back in Washington,
    DC, was also named Jed.  I didn't hear of another - Jed the Fish - until
    moving to Los Angeles in 1978.  Over the last 20 years, I have heard of one
    or two other Jeds, met your web presence in my own search for, and
    virtually met Jed Ela (a very interesting Jed himself) during his recent
    search for

    Time to go for now - congratulations on getting your website up, and
    particularly for the elegance of implementation and intent.


    Jed Pauker